The teak bench has been around for centuries.  Teak benches have been part of railroad cars, dining rooms, and patios for years.  Have you ever considered where you might be able to put a teak bench to good use in your home or garden?

Tectona grandis, the teak tree, is a type of tropical birch.  It is known for its sturdy hardwood.  Originally this tree was grown on plantations in Southeast Asia but today it is grown in other parts of the world as well such as the Caribbean and Africa.  While multiple countries in Southeast Asia such as India, Myanmar, Malaysia, and the Philippines grow teak, Indonesia’s teak wood is considered to be the highest quality available.

The teak tree can live to an age of 100 years or more.  A teak bench can live just as long.  Teak wood is well known for its ability to tolerate changes in weather, including harsh conditions.  One of the reasons it can do this is that the teak tree can bend without breaking when faced with high wind conditions.  A second important quality is the teak tree resin which contains an oil that is extremely water resistant.  This oil protects the tree and its wood from insects, bacteria, and general decay.  A teak bench can sit out in inclement weather for years on end without the wood breaking down.

The combination of the unique teak tree content and thick fibers make the wood easy to cut and sculpt.  Because of this special characteristic, which is not found in other tree woods, teak wood is excellent for furniture making.  It has been used to make tables of all sizes and chairs of various types including thrones.

The teak bench has been used in multiple instances through time.  Some teak benches that are available today are repurposed benches from old railroad cars.  Entire train cars were made from teak wood and other durable woods, especially in Indonesia and the surrounding region.  As these cars have been replaced with new, modern ones the old cars have been dismantled and the items such as the benches and other pieces of wood have been reused.  Teak is such a long lived, durable wood that this can be done without fear of poor results in its next use.

Various styles of teak benches are available.  Traditional 3 to 4 person benches with arms at each end can have simple slat backs or more ornate designs of the wood pieced together to create geometric patterns.  Smaller, single or 2 person benches are also made of teak without a back to rest against.

Many times the teak wood is allowed to show with a simple natural finish but other benches can be found that are stained or painted a color such as red, black, or blue.  Remember that natural teak wood can vary in color from dark gold to light brown.  With exposure to weather elements the wood can take on a more ashen color.

Teak Closeouts offers many different teak benches.  We carry multiple styles in many different lengths.  You should be able to find the exact size you need for your space.  Benches are perfect on a patio or in a garden.  A single bench in an entryway is a great place to sit and take boots off in the winter and muddy shoes off in the summer.  A teak bench is very comfortable to sit on, and you can choose to get cushions to make the bench even more comfortable.