Cottage external doors are fast becoming more popular than traditional hardwood doors such as Mahogany and Meranti doors.  Cottage oak doors are darker in color and feature a more conspicuous grain when compared to the Mahogany/Meranti.  Furthermore Oak gives the option of staining to almost any color of your choice whereas with the redwood doors you can only go darker and ‘redness’ in the timber will always remain.  .

However since Oak is a more versatile hardwood it requires protection from the elements so it is important to ensure that a good quality stain is applied, also adequate shelter should be provided to further protect an Oak external door from the elements to avoid the risk of bowing.

Cottage external doors are an important part of a property as they give the first impression of the condition of one’s house to the visitor. Solid Oak external doors can sometimes define the era in which the property was built as many home owners like to keep their external door in keeping with the decade that the property was built.  Also common is for other properties in the neighborhood to have similar Oak external doors, keeping in line with the time period and also creating a sense of ‘conformity’ as opposed to being the odd one out.

cottage external door

Therefore Oak made cottage external doors tend to match other properties in the area and sometimes even match the windows of a property.  External doors can range from contemporary doors to traditional each being available in different materials. Better, sturdier Oak external doors are made with thick wide stiles and rails. Solid Oak External doors should be completely sealed to fend off bad weather.

External Cottage doors need to be both aesthetically appealing and reasonably strong. The security that Oak External doors afford depends on both the type of wood and the kind of locking system used for them. The locking system should preferably be from a reputable manufacturer, since cheap, non-branded locking systems for cottage exterior doors can jam or may not provide enough security.

Cottage exterior doors with large glass panels are also becoming ever so popular as they allow light into the property.

The wood used in an cottage external door is of great importance. It must not only continue to look good for years but also be resistant to all year-round weather changes. Depending on the country and climactic conditions prevailing there, the wood of an external door must withstand sunshine, rain, sleet and snow and sometimes even sandstorms. Such elemental forces can wreak havoc on low-grade wood (such as softwood). In other words, one should be as generous as possible with one’s budget for an external door – the sturdiest and best-looking grades do not come cheap.

In the UK, South West facing doors face the worst of the elements.  Direct sun and rain will most certainly result in great wear so regular maintenance is essential.  In such cases the door should be re-coated as least once a year.

In choosing a cottage external solid oak Door one should consider what elements the door has to withstand and how well it blends in with the rest of your home’s exterior. Thankfully, there is now a huge variety of Oak External doors varying from traditional to contemporary – the majority of which feature wide stiles and rails for better security and endurance against climatic forces.

Remember that Oak External doors are not only a passageway into and out of your home – they are practically your visiting cards.  While the impression conveyed by external doors – primarily front doors – must obviously be borne out by what lies behind them, they still create the first mental impact on a visitor. A shabby external door that does not match the rest of the home’s facade is not the best way of making important visitors take you seriously.

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