There are many factors that require careful consideration by anyone contemplating on having a Kent loft conversion, simply because it can be quite a daunting prospect if the factors are not outlined to a prospective home owner contemplating a Kent loft conversion. This is the main reason why we decided to put together an article to aid those individuals with a vital checklist of points to tick off when deciding on Kent loft conversions.

Modern bedroom

  1. Check with a professional – The first most important point to take into account when considering loft conversions in Kent is whether the plans for the loft are appropriate for the property, this is why it would be essential to check with a professional, whether that is a specialist loft conversion company or an architect. The points to take into account are:
  • Would the weight of the intended loft conversion in Kent be sustainable by the supporting floor underneath.
  • Would there be enough head room height
  • Whether the hot water cylinder is in the loft space – if so the type of cylinder that must be checked in most cases are unvented, a hot water system would be preferable. (perhaps a discussion with a gas/ boiler engineer would be advisable)
  1. Is a Loft conversion the best option- ensuring that a loft conversion is the best option can only be clarified by a loft conversion expert who would look into the checking the loft space; in some cases, it is the only option, as the grounds surrounding the property are not conducive to allow for extending the property, due to limited space, of the in some rare cases the soil being inappropriate to build upon.
  1. Building Regulations – as part of United Kingdom legislation must be adhered too in reference to loft conversions in Kent. After an inspection by the building controls officer, a certificate will be issued to declare the loft conversion has met all of the standards dictated by the building regulations outlined. Important tip: DO NOT SETTLE ANY ACCOUNTS WITH THE CONTRACTORS UNTIL A CERTIFICATE IS RECEIVED
  1. Planning permissions – These would only be relevant if a dormer loft conversion in Kent is the type of loft conversion decided upon.
  1. Informing neighbours – If the property in question is a terrace or a semi-detached property, it is important to in fact notify neighbours of the proposal to convert the loft space.
  1. Accurate budgeting – it is important to ensure that proposed loft conversion is affordable financially.
  1. Choosing a loft conversion company – its important to ensure that a reputable Kent loft conversion company is selected to carry out the proposed loft conversion as they would be more open to guiding the home owner through the projects legalities. As well as guiding the home owner, to which type of loft conversion would be best suited to maximize the loft space into functional living space.
  1. Plans – its important to ensure all parties involved in the loft conversion are fully aware of the proposed plans involved in converting the loft space.
  1. Loft stairs – depending on the landing space, the loft stairs can be pose as a difficulty in some cases, however, using a reputable specialist loft conversion company, would eliminate that as they would advise on the best options available to the home owner to maximize all the current living space to accommodate these proposed changes.
  1. Natural light – inputting a skylight in the roof is a relatively simple process, however the choice of loft conversion would dictate this.

All of the above points are vitally important to consider carefully when contemplating a loft conversion with a home. The most important of which would be to in fact ensure one of the reputable Kent loft conversion companies are chosen to carry out the proposed loft conversion. As they would ensure they would provide the certificate on completion as well as offer the best advice on how to most efficiently maximize the loft space into functional living space.