Sandblasting allows refurnishing the surface area of any object or a place. Be it anything .Your living room, bedroom or a swimming pool.Things that are required when opting for sand blasting a swimming pool are as follows.

  • Thick plastic
  • Protective Duct tape
  • Protective clothing
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Goggles
  • Respirator
  • Sandblaster equipment
  • Sandblasting medium
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Garden hose


1st Stage:

First stage in sand blasting is to get removed all remnants of old paint before repainting. For sandblasting the pool’s surface, there are different types of abrasives that can be involved in this method such as sand, crushed glass, steel grit, and aluminum oxide and walnut shell etc.

2nd Stage:

The second step to follow is to get rid of the water by evacuating all water from the pool and letting it to get dry out. Drift all accessories from the pool such as lights, ladders and drain covers. Put a lid or duct tape on those things which are impossible for you to remove. Ensure safety of yourself by wearing protective clothes, gloves, goggles and a respirator. Also see that the nozzle shutoff valves are completely closed.As a safety measure, having a respirator is a must as excessive sand inhalation may lead to silicosis, a chronic lung disease.

Introducing the Sandblasting:

Introduce the sand blasting medium into the tank till it gets filled. Experts recommend using a suitable medium for the appropriate kind of pool that is to be sand blast. Majority of the in-ground pools consist of  concrete or fiberglass. Experts recommend the use of “Black Beauty,” a slag-type medium, for concrete, which is a hard surface to blast. Use flint shot, a white sand, for light blasting and cleaning of a fiberglass pool.

Place the filler valve and produce Pressure:

Place the filler valve back on and keep your hand over it while you open the air valve. Allow at least 20 seconds to produce pressure so that filler valve is in its place till the work is finished. Grab the hose at a right angle to the surface of the pool, which should be around 2 feet away while standing deep in the pool .Open the nozzle shutoff valve. Gradually, open the flow control lid until appropriate amount of sand comes out. Start sand blasting the floor of the deep end of the pool first and work toward the steps then finally get the walls of the pool done in the end.

Sweep the hose across the pool’s surface, moving slowly and maintaining the right-angle position 2 feet away from the surface. Keep the process going on until the whole surface has been sandblasted. Shut down the flow control valve and turn the nozzle shutoff valve to the closed position. Ensure that the air shutoff valve is shut down. Open the pressure-relief valve

Detach all dust:

Detach all dust and remaining residue from the pool and surrounding areas with a vacuum cleaner. Wash off the pool completely with a hose till the entire pool is thoroughly cleansed. Now detach all the duct tape coverings which were done to protect from sand blasting. Let the sand blasting medium dry out so that hoses may not get blocked and the process is carried out easily.

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