The Aero Garden is an indoor garden created by Aero Grow International. It is used to grow small and tiny plants of different small vegetables, herbs or salad leaves. You can also use it to grow fancy small flowers. There is a special pod for seeds. You just need to put some seed in the kit or pods. These plants do not need sunlight because they utilize artificial lights which are inside the Aero Garden. Usually there are several LED and CFL lights are used to prepare food for plants.

There are many sizes of Aero garden. Sizes are according to their seed pods, usually 3, 6 or 7 seed pods at a time. There is an option for you to adjust the shed of light. It helps you to grow plant according to your choice, a taller or smaller in size. These types of plants don’t require soil. All the Aero Gardens used liquid fertilizers to grow. It is like roots of plants inside the water and the above portion can seen with light shed.

 Now you can personalize your Aero Garden because there are many kits available for you. Some kits for vegetables, flowers, salad kits and herbs kits. There are some special ideal kits are also available which help you to move your plants from out door to indoor easily. You can buy Aero Garden in United Kingdom (UK).

There are several accessories are available for you. Easy replacement of bulb for Aero Garden and other products include:

So I think its a good choice to use Aero Gardens instead of only gardens outdoors because when you travel for some days. It is not possible to care plants. So if you have an indoor garden. You can easily took your all plants with you and care them as you do at your home.

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