With so many varieties of doors on the market today, homeowners can completely transform the interior of their home with a new door. Even if a new door isn’t in the budget, it’s easy to refinish or paint an internal door to instantly give your home a face lift. Oak front doors have been a popular choice for many years because of their versatility and their durability. If you’ve chosen oak doors for your main entrance or for your internal room’s entrance, you can instantly update them with a quick coat of paint. Solid wood doors are incredibly versatile and sturdy, making them an ideal choice for a home’s entrance. With both security and aesthetic charm, hardwood doors can blend with almost any architectural style.

No matter what company was the manufacturer of your oak veneer internal doors, a solid oak door is a great choice. One of the biggest benefits of an oak door is that it can be changed to suit any decor style. Many wood doors are carved, which can create a focal point for your home’s interior appearance. A carved wood door is often an antique, but there are many modern door manufacturers that create unique hand-carved doors that are truly works of art. If you have a hand-carved front door, it can easily be refinished if it’s older and weathered. Refinishing a door is the same process as refinishing furniture and it is an easy way to update a door without spending a lot.

oak internal door

A simple oak door might feature panels or other designs. Doors like this are easy to paint and might also come with windows, depending on the style of the door. Many front doors have small windows at the top, adding architectural interest as well as natural light to the home. Whether your door has windows or not, it can easily be painted any color to give your home a quick update. The important thing to remember when painting a door is to cover hardware and glass with tape to avoid getting paint where you don’t want it. If the door has a finish on it, you will need to sand the surface of the door before you apply paint. Popular door colors today include red, gold, green, and yellow.

Whether you want to cheer up entrance or you want to add some rustic charm, you can use your existing oak front doors and change the color in no time. If you prefer not to have an oak door, mahogany is another common material used for front doors. Steel, aluminum, and composites are also used to construct many front doors. The fact is your home’s exterior is easy to change with some simple updates and you can apply same steps for internal doors decorations too. If money is tight, a quick coat of paint can change your entry way, window sills, and many other details on your home’s interior and exterior. A glazed door can be great for a more traditional home while a red door might add charm to a more contemporary home. Front doors no longer have to be a traditional color; they can be just about any color of the rainbow today.