Entertaining outdoors during the summer is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Between all of the holidays, birthday parties and just hanging out with friends, it is just a good time. Most of the time, we end up with a speaker or small radio that we drag around to wherever we are. Most people do not think about upgrading their backyard with outdoor speakers. It might be something to think about for your next home improvement project.

Things to keep in mind

Normal indoor speakers will not work well in outside environments. They will corrode over time. You will want to get outdoor speakers for your project.

You will have an options of Bluetooth wireless or wired speakers. You choice will depend on what you want to do. If you are setting permanent speakers, we suggest using wired. Because Bluetooth devices are wireless, you will be opening yourself up to communication issues at any time. With wired outdoor speakers, there is much less of a chance for issues.

Types of outdoor speakers

You also have a choice of type of speakers to use outside. You can use shelf type speakers on the patio. The downside to this is you will need to drill into your home foundation. We suggest using rock speakers.

The upsides to these are:

  • They are waterproof
  • Rock speakers blend in with the environment
  • Made for the outdoors and getting wet
  • Easy to install
  • Look good

The downside of rock speakers are:

  • They have wires to run

rock speakerLet’s deal with he down side of these speakers, the wires. Like mentioned above, we suggest wired speakers to be used outdoors. How to we get around the wires? It is actually easier than you think. Since we are outside, wires are easy to hide under gravel. If you have yard to run wires through, there is also an easy solution for that. You of course want to use outdoor rated wire which should come with your speakers. We also use another step to insure long wire life.

You can pick up small diameter PVC pipe from any hardware store. Run speaker wire through this pipe. Using a spade shovel, dig a small line from your speaker to where it will go to hook up to your sound system. You do not need to dog deep, just push the spade shovel into the ground and pry up the dirt some (not removing it). Once you put the pipe or wire in the cracks you made, you should be able to step on where you broke ground and your sod should look like nothing was done to it.

outdoor speakerPlacement Ideas

Here are a couple ideas on where you can place outdoor rock speakers.

  • on or around patio
  • in the garden bed near patio
  • around your pool or spa
  • Nest to shrub or tree

The point is, you want to place rock speakers where they look natural. Play around with placement and get some feedback before installing. You can end up with a very nice looking (and sounding) audio system outdoors that you will enjoy for years to come.