Console Tables are the backbone of furniture and you can’t ignore it whether it is your living room, bedroom or a personal work space. In this modern world of creativity, you can increase the room setting visually using oil painting on canvas. Although is very trendy and popular worldwide but in Malaysia, it is also  has its own name. So if you are looking for affordable and customized oil painting on canvas in Malaysia, I would recommend you to check: Oil Paintings in Malaysia,  You will not disappoint. So now, let’s start with the benefits and some regular tips about oil painting apart from the creative look. I am sure after reading these benefits; you will definitely like to have at least one oil painting get your home.

Preventing Damages

If your original oil painting is properly taken care of, you will avoid any possible damage occurring and it will stay it pique condition for a long time. These oil paintings all come at a premium, so it’s only logical to protect your investment by doing whatever is necessary to maintain it’s shape for years to come.

Temperature Control

The room in which your painting is being hung must have the right environment, including humidity, in order for the painting to be maintained properly. The temperature of the room should be controlled as it shouldn’t rise to extreme temperatures. High temperatures could equal the painting being exposed to moisture. By controlling the temperature, you are preventing the possibility of excess moisture affecting the oil painting.

Light Exposure

The next step is to prevent bright lights from shining on the original oil painting. If the painting is exposed to sunlight for example, the paint will darken or fade and essentially ruin the paint. So make sure that the painting isn’t near a window where sunlight can shine on it directly. Also, whatever commercial lighting is in the room should not be too close to the painting either.

No Smoking

Of course, when hanging the painting on a wall you want to be sure it’s secure as possible. This may sound obvious, but not being cautious here can spell disaster at some point. If you have to carry the painting, avoid moving it excessively and keep it as still as possible, while holding from the sides. Protecting the painting from dust will keep it clean at all times.

Avoid any smoking in the room, as smoke coming in contact with the painting will damage it. Also, keep it away from any candles or fireplaces to ensure that an accident won’t cause your painting be permanently damaged by catching on fire.

Those who are passionate get excited when they read or hear about great art, such as antique art, and many will begin to dream about someday acquiring that brilliant antique oil painting created by one of the greats in history. Because of the uniqueness and beauty of these works of art, being excited is a very typical reaction because art lovers everywhere would love have in their possession priceless works of art.

Few Samples of Oil Paintings: 

  1. Slug Swirls
  3. Red Rock
  4. Abstract Swirls
  5. Oil Tiles
  6. Forest Blossom

Forest Blossom is a beautiful 3 piece canvas oil painting.

General info: All of our paintings are painted on very thin canvas and framed with very lightweight wood.  The goal of the artist is to sell art that lights up a room and appears as if it is a part of your room rather than a 4-5 inch gap from the wall distracting attention from the actual painting. They put a lot of effort into ensuring your painting is safe during shipping, your package will arrive in a polystyrene shell, taped so that the painting does not get damaged.  So overall you will get a quite good experience if you order oil painting for canvas first time.