Decorating a marquee depends is depends on the venue. Decoration a marquee for corporations is different from the wedding marquee. Decoration marquee is not a DIY (Do it yourself) job so you should hire some expert company to this for your event. They are expert in decoration and knows well what you actually need. Still if you are planning to decorate your marque by yourself or want to explain your company how to decorate your marquee then these tips will help you.

wedding marquee

Types of Marquee:

First of all, choose the style and type of your event’s marquee. There are countless ideas but few of them are given below with little brief:

Traditional Canvas Pole Marquee

Traditional canvas pole marquee are used widely as they are look like camps and supports with wooden rods and ropes. But you can’t be used them on hard surface. If your venue is on garden, this these is perfect for you.


Aluminum Frame Tent Marquee

This is modern way to decorate events. You can use it on any place like car parking area, beaches or on hill areas. It is ideas for wedding receptions and garden parties. As they are more stable and strong so you don’t need rigid place to positioned poles.

Marquise Shaped Architecture

Huge corporates and sports events like to use marquise shaped architecture that can be achieved by combining high peak tents together and it gives a shape of big global building or any sports stadium. If you are planning professional event then this theme is perfect for your event.

Things to Consider while Decorating Marquee:

Following things should be consider before hiring an event organizer or marquee decorators especially for wedding events.

Location of your event

Location of venue is very important as visual perspective. Tell your marquee expert about event location whether it will be held near beech, in garden, outdoor or indoor event because decoration is totally depends on the theme of your wedding or any other event.

Budget of your marquee

Decide your budget before hiring and consider everything like table, center pieces, lightings, table and chair covers, and flowers etc. Also add fans, Air conditions and heaters in your budget but it depends on the weather and time when you are organizing your event.

Wedding Marquee themes:

Modern way of decoration is to follow one theme. There are many themes that you can use in your wedding. Tell your marquee expert to follow your favorite theme and make you venue unforgettable for all the attendees. Some of themes are given below:

  • Medieval castle banquet
  • Hawaiian night theme
  • Turkish delighted theme
  • Hollywood movies theme
  • Red carpet flooring theme like Awards function
  • Combination of any two colors
  • Flowers themes
  • Seasoning Themes like summer or winter


Get Marquee Ideas from Previous Samples:

Search for wedding marquee themes on the web to see some samples and get ideas of current trends. Also you can ask for samples from your marquee company to show you their previous work so you will get idea what you actually wants and it also helps for the company to understand your requirements. When you see the real samples, you can easily add some important things to it and eliminate unnecessary things from your event which also reduce your cost.

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