The mission of my bedroom, again and give you some quick decorating ideas on a budget that you can do to decorate your bedroom .I am in no way a decorator but I do have some tricks that I use to try to make the room look okay without spending a lot of money  here. We go my first trip that I always do try to stick with the 3007 rules ,and that’s everything from placement of things to to paint colors in this room. I have to see black and white when choosing paint colors are neutral so they don’t count so in this room is three colors of the dark blue to light baby blue and the green as an accent color and .When I was using when I only have $3 I can’t really go wrong went shopping I sort of can stick with them that pallet and it’s so soothing to have a minimal color scheme, like that I love that Papa green so how are you could use some of the accent color into the room really” inexpensively were the first these lips I found them at a yard sale $2 each it was so ugly and disgusting.


We could come over and I just spray paint at the bottom, white and this part here white and then this I spray paint apple green give it. A couple of coats and then wet sanding what city is using a look at this black sandpaper very fine great, you still getting water to sand it and it takes up all  bubbles from the same paper from the from the spray paint. I mean and because it looks like you bought, them like that so literally a dollar lamp it looks fantastic and” I love that I can customize the color with the leftover spray paint .I actually spray painted them at these picture frames really inexpensively they love it that was  huge that the matter is still big on that but it was like tie-dyed Brown and all these horrible ugly colors and .

 I knew I could spray paint it so I just took it out later than the grass, and spray paint them and then it’s another way of adding a bunch of color of course this whole chair to discuss is my grandma’s .We recovered it really easily and really inexpensively, in the same green color and I really like her I’m not good at making it but I do not, spend time I throw the covers of the tricks to make it look . I like having a pop of’ color at the end of the bed so instead of splurging on a blanket which can be really expensive for king size bed this is just a scrap of fabric that I got from Fabricland for like $5. I didn’t even have it serves no purpose other than to give a pop of color at the end of the day my kids have been climbing, in my bed all day it looks horrible I should fix that :before the video I apologize for that we just roll with it here this weekend and we actually got these and tables filing cabinets that we really like these ones.