If you have been growing a vegetable garden for some time, you might start feeling that the garden is not as colorful as you would like it to be. This is because your garden may not offer you much in terms of variety. You can add more color to your garden if you start planting perennial flowers in addition to the vegetables. This is a great move because it does not cost you money nor does it involve a lot of extra work. This idea has worked for me so I hope it will work for you too.

The best thing about perennial flowers is that they practically “come and go on their own”. These flowers are local plants that simply come back every year without your having to replant them. These plants bloom when they are in season and add color to your garden. During their off season, they die and simply disappear from your garden. When they are in season, new ones appear again and your garden comes alive.

Before you plant your perennial flowers, you should test the soil to see if it is the right one for your perennials. You need a soil that has proper drainage and you can easily find out if the soil is perfect by carrying out a simple test. Just dig a hole in the soil and fill it with water. If all traces of the water have disappeared after 10 hours, you have the right soil. On the other hand, if the hole is not completely dry, you need to build a raised bed.

Picking the right blend of perennials is a bit complicated but it an exciting task too. Your aim is to have a delightful riot of colors in your garden all year round. To get the perfect blend, do a bit of research. Different flowers bloom at different times of the year. Once you have the perfect blend, you will definitely have your perennials providing a beautiful array of colors in your garden throughout the year.

If you buy the flower seeds from a reputable florist, you will be likely to get a great blend of seeds. This is because competent florists know all about perennials and will definitely give you a good mixture of local flowering plants. In most cases, you will get seeds that are optimized for the local climate so this improves your chances of having a great garden. In case your local florist cannot give you exactly what you want, you might contact another professional.

For best results, you should use mulch when you are planting perennials. This will definitely increase water retention and reduce the number of weeds in your garden. You can use bark or pine needles for mulching because they give great results. You can also apply fertilizers to make the soil richer because this will ensure that your plants are strong and healthy.

When you start planting the seeds, you should put them in small clumps. This way, when the flowers start spreading out, they will not choke each other. Now, you want your flowers to be alive and well. For this reason, you should use the right fertilizers and your garden will be the envy of your friends. Follow the steps above and you will create a garden you will make you happy.

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