Cleaning windows and tiles is not easy and we can’t take it as fun. In many areas it is important to cleaning windows from twice a month to once every two months. It actually depends on the location. It might be done weekly, or even on an “as needed” basis. Sometime cleaning of widows poses many problems because of specific geographic area in which the windows are located.

Window cleaning problems range from:

  • Ocean salt
  • Airborne freeway dirt and grime
  • Desert dust
  • And more.


How can I tell if I need window cleaning?

You might be thinking, “What a dumb question.”

You look through that window every day, so you’re not aware of how much dirt has accumulated over time because it builds up slowly, day by day. Like a toothache feels so good when it’s gone…your Fairfield County windows look so great when they’ve just been cleaned.

When you are done, you’ll probably say, “Wow! What a difference!”


Here’s a good test to determine when window cleaning is needed…Moisten the tip of your finger and run it across your window, just once. Look at your fingertip. If your fingertip isn’t clean…neither are your windows.

Yes, the same fast, easy, and extremely reliable test works to determine when your car needs washing.


If you have a business, window cleaning isn’t an option. It’s a must. Your windows are usually the first thing your prospects and customers see when they approach your building.

How many chances does your business have to make a good first impression?

That’s right…one. And first impressions are indelible. So make your first impression a good one.


Residential window cleaning presents your best image to your friends and anyone else who approaches your home. Whether you’re in the Fairfield County area, or anywhere else, clean windows help you look your best.

Here is a list of services you may find beneficial with window cleaning:

  • High Rise Window Cleaning
  • Commercial Awning Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Window Tinting
  • Screen Repair

Fairfield County Window Cleaning service is best because they are professional in their work. Windows cleaning is not only about cleaning and washing but also your company should take care of your property and do their job without any damage. I recommend you to use it because it suites all the businesses and homeowners.