Universally approved tips to maintain your furnace

With the arrival of winter, a home furnace turns into one of the most important components in many homes. It becomes the main means to keep the home warm and comfortable by beating freezing temperatures. That is why it is of utmost importance that your furnace keeps running without any hitch. To ensure that your home furnace continues to operate optimally, you have to keep it in a well-maintained state. Mentioned below are a few key maintenance tips to ensure that your furnace functions smoothly.

Replace the air filter at regular intervals

A dirty air filter can prevent your furnace from functioning optimally. It can lead to poor air flow. As furnace air filters tend to get dirty and clogged up with use, you need to check their condition frequently and replace them at periodic intervals. If your furnace uses a paper filter, change it if it seems to be dusty and dirty. In case of a washable filter, wash it thoroughly before putting it back in place. If you are using disposable filters in your furnace, replace them as soon as they seem to become dirty with debris.

Avoid cluttering up the space around the furnace

During operations, your home furnace is likely to heat up considerably. It makes use of several systems that operate simultaneously to ensure that your home remains flooded with warmth and comfort. In order to make sure that your furnace continues to function in a safe and effective manner, clean the area surrounding the furnace frequently. Further, do not clutter the space around the furnace.

Carry out a Thermostat Test

If you do not want to suffer from spontaneous furnace failure during the freezing days and nights, make it a point to carry out a furnace inspection when you still have time. The first step of doing so is the thermostat test. All you have to do is set the thermostat to a temperature that is warmer than that outside. Then you will have to wait for the furnace to start its operation. If your furnace kicks on and off without any problem, it will indicate that the thermostat and the whole furnace system is functioning properly. If you want to be completely sure, you can wait till the furnace reaches the set temperature.

Keep the components free from dust

Dirt, dust, and debris can impact the functioning of your furnace to a large extent. To keep your furnace free from dust and dirt, clean the inner components of the system using a paint-brush that has a soft tip. This will help to loosen the accumulated debris and dust without causing any damage to the interior of the system. After you are done with the brushing, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the debris.

Clean and check the vents

The ventilation system must be checked regularly to ensure that it remains free of dust and debris. If dirt and debris accumulate inside the vents, they will block the air flow. So, you need to clean the vents often. Also, check if the vents are dented or damaged and replace them if needed.