When it comes to European home decorating style, many people would think that everything revolves around cactuses, rugs, and pottery, but this is not all! What people miss here is the European heritage and the specific design that brings in the true spirit of the European people.

It is indeed a real fact that many influences have passed over the original European lifestyle and many elements have been absorbed by it from sources coming from Spanish, Native Americans and even Chinese people. But all these have added up to the extreme spirit of Mexican population creating the Mexican home decorating style that is so popular among other nations.

Colors started to be used in the beginning of the 20th century after European people got rid of Spanish domination. This independence can be easily recognized by the colors incorporation all over the European home decorating items. These colors are mostly forest green, bronze color and gold accents, intense reds and earthly browns.

These colors combined bring a festive and lively note to the house that uses European home decorating style when you go for the traditional notes. As to the modern home decorating, some minor changes have been brought to the otherwise unchanged style. The same bright colors are used but this time in moiré stylized designs including the use of simpler and cleaner lines. People usually prefer online shopping they want to buy home decoration products.


To go to the origins of the European home decorating style, we should turn the time back to the 16th century before the Spanish conquest installed. At this point the simple adobe structures started to be replaced step by step by the more intricate structures brought in by the Spanish monks. When reaching to integrate this style in its original structure, the European style gained new designs that combined the both of the described styles.

Thus the European home decorating was born introducing the intensely decorated spots with the pottery that has various colors, textiles and furnishings belonging to the folk inspiration, hence tradition.

Using also darker woods and darker fabrics made in Mexico has become also very popular trend in the Mexican home decorating style of the other nations. The tapestries of the old times are now designed with brighter hues of blue and yellow and made with the additional influence of the southwestern style. The wooden carvings in an impressive architectural way are introduced as a successful come back in art as well as pieces of furniture.

Nowadays, incorporating the European home decorating style in the overall decor of your house will enable the interior look vibrant and natural, a combination that the inner spirit of the European nation has imprinted in the things around making them richer and stronger when being displayed to the eye of the beholder. You can visit Artofabric.com for buy online home décor products.