The highest level security locks are definitely the “unpickable” locks. Coming after basic, resistant and high security respectively, they provide the top level security. However, there is a reason why the term is stated under the quotes – of course that a lock cannot be completely unpickable, but this term is used to describe the level of the security that such lock can provide and the mechanisms of these locks as well as their features will be dealt with in this article.

You can get emergency services in Locksmith keys and locks from Locksmith Brighton co. In fact, there are not many products out there on the market for which there exist no ways of bypassing or attacking. But, say that an attacker is extremely skilled, that he had enough time for research and that he is capable of defeating this type of lock, he can surely not do it within less than half an hour. Also, such an action would definitely require very special tools as well as a large variety of techniques which an attacker himself had to research.


Thus, the optimal conditions for an attacker to pick the “unpickable” would include extreme skills, enough of money for research, strong will and a fine place to crouch unnoticed near the lock. However, he would probably have to use the tools in a somewhat louder manner, but if he eventually manages to open the lock (which would require more than thirty minutes of probably loud doing) this means that you have certain issues with the overall security system and not the lock itself. The actual value of the “unpickable” locks is in that unless all the above mentioned conditions are there, an attacker will have to apply force to open the lock which would certainly be detectable. Actually, many locks of this type are available and they are quite inexpensive. However, bolt cutters, door rams or sledgehammers can be used to cut or smash them, but these actions would result in an instant reaction from the staff from your security. Even if this does not happen, you will know someone has broken in the first thing you or your staff comes to work in the morning. This will then trigger immediate inspection and your data will probably be recovered.

In fact, a break in that was non-destructive leaves the robbed one with no proper means of identifying it and thus prevents a proper response as well. Thus, if everything seems fine and orderly, you may be sure that your facility is still safe and that there have been no intruders attempting to break in to your property.
All things considered, the “unpickable” lock is certainly the best solution if you are an owner of a large company or if you are in a possession of similar facilities that you wish to secure. These locks are very hard to defeat covertly and if they are picked in a destructive manner that would result your or your security staff’s immediate response thus leaving you with no greater harm but a broken lock that should be replaced.