There is hardly anything that you can add to a lounge area, central dining room, kitchen or foyer that exemplifies class more than a beautiful crystal chandelier. Sadly, many homeowners make the mistake of presuming that there is no real distinction between crystal chandeliers when it involves style and material. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

One of biggest surprises that a homeowner will encounter when buying crystal chandeliers are realizing how many decisions they need to make. There are multiple grades of crystal to decide on, these range from near-diamond quality to utilitarian and less expensive glass varieties. The cost between grades of crystal can be vastly different, so it is important to understand your limitations budget wise before you begin searching. The garden-variety, small crystal chandelier will certainly impress nearly everyone however, if you have notably discerning guests that you entertain on a daily basis, you may need to look into getting a high-end crystal fixtures.

crystal cylenders

Besides the grade of crystal, you may also want to think carefully about the style and size when selecting your new chandelier. Crystal chandeliers are accessible in a variety of styles, from elaborate, to jaw-dropping ballroom size chandeliers, to highly intricate pieces, or average utilitarian styles that incorporate modest quality crystal.

Size is an additional consideration, as chandeliers may be created as a major focus point within the great room, a small yet elegant crystal chandelier for bedroom or scaled down for a smart and engaging centerpiece to hang in a small dining area. Think carefully about where you would like you chandelier to be placed, and what functions you would like it to perform before you consult with a chandelier manufacturer regarding the correct style and size for your specific desires.

Crystal Chandelier Design

A variety of more modern crystal chandeliers are created in the form of pyramids, domes, rings, flowers, and waterfall cascades. Mini crystal chandeliers are usually integrated with mirrors that enhance the light in the room and create an area that is not only chic but also elegant.

Bronze Crystal Chandeliers create an atmosphere of pomp and luxury, and generally come in the form of a cascade with high gloss and shine. These chandeliers have embellished European castles and palaces for generations.

Known for their unique and creative allure Swarovski crystal chandeliers, (often misspelled as swarovsky) are acknowledged throughout the world as the crystal to have. These chandeliers, pendants, and crystals all contain high-quality crystal with a composition of 30% lead oxide, giving the crystals high transparency. Swarvski crystal chandelier lighting are all cut by hand and are a symbol of wealth, luxury, and good taste.

Colored crystal chandeliers are a way to express your individuality. Crystal chandeliers of various colored crystal have a rare ornamental effect. A popular color in the market today is black combined with clear crystal pendants.