Cowhides are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to add a bit of flair and style to your home or office, as well as increasing the comfort and warmth of your interiors. There is no need to be hesitant about the political correctness of using cowhides as rugs, furniture coverings or wall hangings – in fact as the hides are by-products of the beef meat industry, you are in fact recycling a waste product which otherwise would be destroyed. With more and more interior designers turning to the natural and rustic looks, cowhides should be first on your list when redecorating or designing your home.


Custom Cow hide Rugs

Due to the rise in popularity of cowhide rugs and decorative features, a large number of suppliers (both wholesale and commercial) have opened their doors around the Europe. This means a large variety of sizes and colors have become available, and the quality has improved significantly. even you can order for custom design and style of cowhide rugs.To ensure you get the perfect cowhide, it is important to know exactly what you are after and what questions to ask about the treatment and selection processes before you enter into a purchase agreement. Of course you want to obtain the highest quality hide and feel confident that it will survive undamaged for many years, so it is crucial to do your research prior to buying. We hope that this website will provide you with all the information you could possibly need to help you find the perfect cowhide rug or interior decoration.

Cowhide Rugs DESIGNS

There are several different styles of cowhide rug, and most suppliers will have a range in stock. Aside from the natural hide colors (brown, brindle, tricolor brindle, and black and white), rugs can come in natural patchwork effects (smaller squares in different colors stitched together), and dyed effects. The dyed effects may mimic other animal pelt designs such as zebra, leopard, tiger or lion, or they may be a bright primary color. Some suppliers are now stocking cowhides in psychedelic designs, patchwork with metallic effects, marbled effects, or designs. There are also more traditional designs available – such as the round leather-stitching Native-American style rugs. If you are interested to see real designs of cowhide rugs and other cow hide material then visit Southern Hides because they have large variety of hides and you can even purchase online at very discount prices with free shipment. I recommend you to have a look before going down.


If you are planning to use your cowhide as a rug or wall covering, some suppliers can custom-make a non-slip backing. This is a great way to protect the underside of your rug and keep it fixed in place. It also is a safer option if you have young children around who may run and slide on your rug. Aside from the cowhide rug products which are incredibly popular, cowhide is also used to upholster furniture. Sofas, chaise lounges, chairs, tables and ottomans are some of the popular furniture items which can be found covered in cowhide. Wall-hangings and cushion covers are also incredibly popular. If you like the effect of cowhide but are concerned about using a large rug or item of furniture with cowhide covering, cushions are a great way to experiment with the effect without going overboard.