Bedroom usually is an appropriate place to put many goods or furniture. So, it is used to be messy and untidy, especially for limited room. To solve this problem, applying minimalist concept is the best choice. Maybe, some of you think that minimalist concept is boring because it’s only allowing limited furniture in the room. However, it doesn’t true at all. You can build interesting minimalist bedroom if you can make good decoration. Some of these instructions below can be followed for creating minimalist bedroom design.


Making good decision for your furniture and goods which are really important to be placed in the bedroom. Minimalist bedroom usually leaves only bed, closet, and lamp or nightstand. In addition, closet is replaced by dresser to maximize the space.
For the design of furniture, choose simple style and good material. Make sure that the furniture uses clear color, as well. It can help to increase spacious effect in the room. Place the furniture as effective as possible.

Clear color furniture should be followed by the paint color in the room. Use white, grey, or blue in the minimalist room can make the room feel larger. Apply these color for other additional furniture or decoration, such as curtain, lampshade, or carpet.

For the accessories, large painting on the wall will make wide view toward the room. Put large mirror can be a good alternative and is able to make spacious effect. However, you may not put too much accessories because it cause full and crowded.
For the lighting, choose the shadow effect. It can help to “enlarge” the room. You can cover the window to make the effect. Or place the lamp dealing with the mirror. It’s another way to invite shadow and large effect. So, you should use your limited space effectively in order to deliver minimalist bedroom design.