The appliances you leave on your counter can make or break your kitchen decor. Since you will have to look at these every day, you’ll want to take your time when you choose them. Not only will you want high quality appliances that will last you a long time and do the work you need them to do, you’ll also want them to be nice to look at.

To ensure you will enjoy looking at your appliances, make sure you are fairly confident about your kitchen’s color scheme before you shop. If you are planning on remodelling in the near future,
consider holding off on buying new appliances until you re‐paint, or at least decide what color you will be painting on the walls.

Consider matching the small appliances to your larger ones as much as possible. If you have gone with all white appliances, consider getting a white coffeemaker or toaster. Your bright white blender amid your all black kitchen will look odd. If you have stainless steel appliances, you can’t go wrong with black small appliances, because often the accents of stainless steel are already black. Either way, black is more likely to blend in than white.

Choose bright colours cautiously. You might like lime green now, but will it be too much in a few years? If you enjoy the splash of color, do you still have somewhere you can put that appliance if you
have a formal get together where it won’t fit in? When in doubt, go with neutral colors. You can always add color to your kitchen with bright dishtowels, or something else that is easy, and inexpensive to replace when you change your color scheme.

To keep your counters from looking cluttered, reduce the number of appliances you have, and how many you keep out at any one time. Before you buy appliances, sit down and decide what you actually need, and how often you will use it. If you only make smoothies once a week, you probably don’t need to leave your blender out 24/7. If this is the case, buy the blender that will make you the best product, and don’t worry about the appearance, because you’ll be putting it away.

Consider using appliance covers to hide your small appliances when they are not in use. These can be designed to match almost any decor, and will allow you to buy any appliance you want.

If you receive appliances as gifts, but they are totally not what you wanted, feel free to return them for what you did want, or give them away to someone else that can use them. Just because it was
given to you, you don’t need to keep it forever if it doesn’t fit in with what you need. Bear in mind though, that if you do receive two toasters, you might want to put one away if you have the storage space. When the first one wears out, you can get out the remaining new one and won’t have to go out and purchase a toaster.

What you keep on your counter is a personal decision, so do what feels right. When you shop, take appearance, brand quality, reviews, and functions in mind, and don’t just choose the most attractive
model. It’s better to keep an ugly appliance in the cupboard than to buy a cheap pretty one that won’t last long, or is incapable of doing what you need it to do. When you purchase, also ensure that your electrical system is capable of handling the appliance you want to use. Play it safe and only plug in one appliance per plug, and don’t leave your cooking unattended.