If you are a seasoned chef, a restaurant owner, or you just love home cooked meals, finding a good food processor can make your life simpler. Instead of doing some repetitive tasks like chopping, mincing, slicing, grinding among others, you can use a food processor. The food processor saves you time while doing what you love best and makes cooking more enjoyable, convenient and safe.

Finding a good food processor like the dlc-2009chb can be difficult because there are many different types, models, manufactures and brands. So how do you find best food processors and what features should the brands have? In this article, this question will be fully answered. Also, it will outline some of the most outstanding food processor brands in the market today.



While shopping for a food processor, power should be a feature of priority. A powerful machine can perform more tasks with ease and quickly and this feature makes Cuisinart one of leading brands. Its models are designed with a cutting disk and two blades which make cutting, chopping, slicing, or mixing a lot simpler in your kitchen. Wide feed chute popular with this brands models will definitely save you time since you do not have to cut food into smaller pieces to fit into the machine.

Capacity is another important feature to consider when buying a food processor. Cuisinart brands are rated among the top because of their ideal capacity in comparison to other brands. Most food processors by Cuisinart have capacity ranging from 9 cups to 16 cups. This is the recommended perfect capacity because the models are small yet functional enough. They do not take up much of your counter space. Additionally, this brand’s models are many and designed to fit all your kitchen needs at an affordable price. The Cuisinart mini food processor and the Cuisinart 9-prep are readily available on Amazon and in your local retailers.

Cuisinart mini food processor

This is just one example of the many Cuisinart brand models that you should consider adding to your kitchen. Like any other model from this manufacturer, Cuisinart mini has outstanding features designed to make chopping and grinding simpler. It has two blades on the sides, one being blunt and the other sharp. Thus, you can use the sharp part for chopping and the blunt part for grinding coffee. Its 2 disks, extra wide feet chute and powerful motor makes this machine best for performing many tasks at the same time.

Also, its bottom is made of seamless plastic membrane that makes it simpler to clean. Customer reviews indicate that this model is the most popular among Cuisinart brand models. This is attributed to its small size, simplicity and affordable price making it outstanding even to those people who are new to the cooking field.


Like its major competitor, Cuisinart, Breville products are sophisticated, technologically advanced and of high quality. Majority of this brand’s models have outstanding capacity and power including 2 bowls, 16 cup large bowls and 2.5-cup mini bowls. This is the biggest capacity among top food processor brands. Breville brand products are more advanced than the Cuisinart brands. They have features such as LCD display, extra large feed chute and a strong base made of metal.

Like Cuisinart, this brand guarantees to make cooking simpler since you do not have to chop the food into smaller pieces to push through. Breville brand models are a bit expensive. However, customer reviews indicate that the extra features that this food processing brand offers make the price worthy. One of the most popular models by this brand is Breville BFP 800 X1 sous chef.

Kitchen Aid

Like the above mentioned brands, this brand has outstanding food processing models. The models have a 12-cup bowl capacity and a 4-cup mini bowl capacity which enables you to accomplish many tasks within a short period. Kitchen Aid is popular because it is the most powerful models among all other leading brands. It has a 700W motor designed with a sealed housing to provide faster services. Additionally, it is easy to operate, control and is highly flexible. Safety and affordable prices are other features that makes making Kitchen Aid models to be rated among the leading brands.

In conclusion, with the many brands of food processors in existence, customers can easily get confused when making a decision regarding the best food processing brands to buy. However, with this guide, this decision will become simpler.