Energy has become the source of problem for any industry in various different sectors nowadays. The issue is classic, energy is always short in supply and continuously high in demand. That’s why the need of sustainable buildings remain high, and the numbers keep on rising to serve both environmental and economic causes.

Modular homes construction process is proven to be able to reduce the negative impact of construction process to the environment, it promotes energy efficiency and improves sustainability.

In modular construction, almost all the lightweight construction materials such as lightweight construction panels and others are built in a factory. This includes fixtures, appliances, flooring and finishes. These are made in module blocks, which then being transported to the site to be assembled. That means in such lightweight construction methods, there is not much work to be done on site, therefore only minimum resources needed, which leads to energy efficiency as well as cost efficiency.

Material Waste

There are so much waste produced in traditional construction method. In fact, for a two thousand square foot building, the construction process can produce up to eight thousand pounds of waste. Even though today more construction companies are aware to the need of recycling, but they still cannot optimally reduce the amount of waste being produced in the construction process.

Lightweight construction homes modern design or modular buildings on the other hand, only produce a tiny bit of waste. Because as said before, nearly all materials are built off-site in a factory, so most of the waste materials can be reused almost instantly. While the waste resulting from the construction process on-site is really small at less than 1%.


The total time needed to complete the whole construction can be significantly reduced in lightweight construction homes. Less time needed means less impact to the environment. Construction sites are known as the most polluted areas with lots of dust and dangerous chemicals mixed with smokes from heavy machineries on sites.

When building lightweight construction homes, there won’t be any delay caused by bad weather conditions, vandalism or theft. One of the lightweight construction advantages is that you can make the building watertight very quickly, so the project can still continue even though there’s a lot of rain. Also with almost all materials are ready to installed as they arrive on-site, it also reduces the duration, plus no materials need to be kept on-site which reduces the risk of vandalism and thefts.


Increased sustainability is definitely one of the strongest points of modular buildings. Because the materials are factory-made, they all have decent sealing that can reduce the heat loss and air infiltration when the construction is finished. Traditional buildings are limited with air infiltration sources, fixtures, pipes, electrical outlets and many other stuff.

Considering all these advantages offered by modular buildings, it’s actually surprising that there are still a lot of people who feel reluctant about investing in one. If you still hesitate about such construction method, go ahead and visit one of the modular buildings already finished, you’ll that they all meet the all the required construction standards and often they offer something better than the regular standards.