Access panels for hotels, restaurants, and many other types of hospitality projects are designed to address and resolve concerns in hospitality environments. Designed for drywall applications, many access panel products blend European design benchmarks with American construction specifications.

If you are looking for a customized access panel for your small restaurant or big hotel, you have to sit and work with technical representatives from a reputable manufacturing firm. This is important for meeting site-specific logistics and scheduling requirements as well as for checking the circumstantial conditions. Whether you have a small ballroom with a customized opening, or a bigger bathroom with an opening, you can check for design options, price options and supplying preconditions.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of using access panels includes significant reduction in room-loss-days owing to lengthy maintenance and repairs, easy access to HVAC appliances and other sorts of installations, reduce repairs and maintenance costs. The access panels offered by top companies are usually security locks and do not do any damage to the surface. Also, one big benefit of choosing access doors is that you can get them in all possible sizes. Reputable manufacturers also pay attention to the ceiling and wall aesthetics and they use materials that do not tarnish the appearance of the walls and the ceiling.

The reduction of room-loss-days which happens due to replacement of equipment also reduces the overheads for a restaurant or bar or hotel. A properly measured and cut drywall access panel allows complete access to the HVAC and plumbing equipment behind the panel. If you are running a hotel or restaurant, your service technicians can easily access the shutoffs and filters through this door. Ugly and poorly improvised access panels are now a thing of the past, thanks to the custom-made access doors made by top manufacturers today.

Retrofitting of access panels

Although installing access panels is strongly recommended during the construction phase, many restaurants and hospitality places require installation and setup of Wi-Fi router even after operation has started in full swing. Retrofitting was a challenge for plumbing and electrical installation service providers a few years ago, but not anymore. With a ceiling access panel, you can easily address and troubleshoot all these problems at ease.

If you have decided to go with a reputable manufacturer, chances are that the manufacturer will offer you a number of customization options. Besides, you can enjoy competitive pricing and excellent after-sales service, which are two important factors to take into consideration if you are looking for a cost-effective yet sustainable solution.

How to choose a manufacturer?

Manufacturers of ceiling access panel and all other related products have multiplied over the past few years, particularly due to the steady demand of these panels in homes, offices, workshops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and elsewhere. However, you should be extra-careful while choosing a manufacturer as there are not many reputable manufacturers around. Always try to find an Alibaba listed manufacturer and seller.