We all have our own cleaning styles, beliefs, and tricks we follow but it should also be known that there are some cleaning ways that are inefficient to slow down our job. To help you save more time and use it to more significant occasions or tasks, here are 7 cleaning mistakes to avoid you may be doing without your knowledge.

  1. Cleaning without a strategy

Most people often think that they just need to clean and wipe the dust off without a system in cleaning. This is one of the most common cleaning mistakes because cleaning without planning may only double your work.

Let’s say you suddenly thought of doing rug or carpet cleaning by yourself or by hiring professional services like from those in Melbourne. After washing, drying, and placing them again on your floor, you would like to wipe out the mounting dust on the corners of your ceiling.

Cleaning the carpet and the ceiling may be great ideas but the order of accomplishing them makes these two activities go wrong as the carpet will get dirty again from the ceiling’s falling dust. Thus, a strategy must always be built first before you act.

cleaning Mistakes That Really Slow You Down

  1. Using harmful products

The notion that products composed of strong chemicals are always the best materials to be used in cleaning is another misleading thought. Although they may seem more effective in removing stains faster, there is also a great disadvantage in using them.

Delicate fabrics such as wool, leather, cotton and silk are just a few textures that need more care and maintenance efforts. By using strong products, materials made or covered with these fragile textiles can surely damage their quality and shorten their lifespan.

So opt for homemade cleaning solutions or organic ones while still using them in moderation to cure and wash dirt. It may take some more time to completely clean them but their state would definitely be improved and preserved better.

  1. Using wrong tools

Aside from the products, there may also be some slip-ups as to how cleaning instruments are used. While there are different cleaning aids, you must know how and to which things they may be applied to like how there are specific vacuum types recommended and vacuuming method for each type of carpet.

Tough tools are also not good to be rubbed powerfully like to the aforementioned fragile fabric materials. A gentle scrub is already enough especially when you clean everyday where dirt has not yet stuck itself to your things.

  1. Building up the dirt

Dirt is definitely not like money to be saved. You should not relate the “to see is to believe” idea in cleaning your house because you won’t earn anything from collecting dust. So even if the dust or laundry has not yet reached its highest level for the week, you should still also act up on them to lessen the mess at home.

Don’t throw your cleaning and organizing chores all in one day but try to do them little by little each day for a better living environment and enjoy your weekend more.

  1. Dusting and wiping using an old dirty tool

Another usual mistake that must be realized is the repetitive usage of an old and dirty rug or cloth. Especially when you have already wiped cleanly the dust on tables and other furniture, the cloth you are using may not be helping you at all with the dirt just being moved around.

To ensure that your tool can still really clean, wash and sanitize it regularly or just use a new one. Or else, you won’t achieve progress for certain as you will just be transferring the germs from one place to another.

  1. Rushing to finish the job

You may want to finish immediately by applying some drops of your cleaning product, scrubbing, then instantly rinsing the object you’re cleaning with water. This is a wrong practice as you should also wait for a little while for the cleaning solution to be absorbed or to do its job in disinfecting the object.

Thus, even if you finished the job earlier, your efforts in cleaning won’t be as appreciated or valuable as your things have not been thoroughly sterilized in reality.

  1. Doing everything by yourself

If you live with other people in the house, don’t act like a hero and take all the responsibilities in cleaning. If you have kids, engage them with the cleaning and organizing activities at home for them to also learn how to be disciplined. Teach them the basics such as putting back their toys to their proper places after playing with them.

In this way, you won’t tire and stress yourself too much anymore, save more time with the participation of other house members, and allow them to learn some good habits.


To clean the house is just like a business. There are best practices to be learned and sinful methods that must be stopped. For your cleaning agenda to be successful, adapt the best and avoid these mistakes. Through these ways, you will even be able to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and take more time in having fun.

Author bio: Sean Si is the Marketing guy of Electrodry Carpet Cleaning. He is the go-to guy when it comes to the latest home improvement tips. When he’s not busy, he writes about guides on a healthy home and life, and spends quality time with his family and friends.