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Although Subway tile has remained popular throughout the years in style has been occurring from ceramic tile to glass subway tile but don’t stop there, several new takes on the design now exist. This change has been driven by the strong advantages of glass as a building material.

The first key reason that glass is superior is the visual; glass offers a depth and clarity that ceramic tile cannot match.  The brilliant colors of glass subway tile cannot be replicated even by the finest ceramic tile.

Subway tiles ideas

Advantages of Subway Tiles:

Another key advantage is the durability of glass.  Glass is much more impervious to moisture which makes glass Subway Tile an ideal building material for wet areas such as bathroom and showers.

Last but not least is that glass subway tile is much more renewable and safer for the environment.  Glass subway tile is made from recycled material and the process to create them is very energy efficient when compared to making ceramic tile.

Different Designs and Colors in Subway Tiles:

If you have made the decision to install subway tile you should definitely go with glass as it will be a timeless addition to any decor and will last for many years to come!  Due to advances in manufacturing glass subway tile is far superior to ceramic and is also easily affordable for any homeowner looking to change the appearance of any room for the better!

6 Styles also aka Series of Subway tiles are given below with their short intro. Here we go:

1. Lanka Subway Tiles:

Lanka series is a white body tile that is suitable for interior walls. The 3 X 6 and 6 X 6 are modular and can be used together in patterns, even though they are slightly different thicknesses. A complete package of trims and moldings are available in three field colors and one accent color. Feature strips and moldings from the Hand mold series as well as other series can be coordinated with Lanka to create even more design possibilities. The 4-1/4” field, with its competitive pricing, allows for introduction of other relief strip or molding enhancements.


  • White
  • Alabaster
  • Black (Premium Color)
  • Cobalt (Accent Color)

2. Lanka Handmold Tiles:

Lanka Handmold Wall Tile series is molded by hand creating war-page, size, thickness, and surface irregularities. What we once regarded as imperfections, we have now come to appreciate as an integral part of the tactile appeal of a handcrafted product. The individual subtleties of each hand mold piece are accentuated when combined with other handmold pieces in an installation. The four modular field sizes allow for many design possibilities when combined with other field, or with the inclusion of a selection from the array of hand-mold decorative and relief strips.

3. Hex Mosaic Subway Tiles:

Hex Mosaic series is a perfect choice for restoration projects or those seeking to add a classic element in a contemporary setting.

The Glazed mosaic was developed to answer the needs of both look and ease of maintenance that a glazed tile can offer, while keeping with the aesthetics of the classic hex tiles. The Glazed Mosaic is available in both 1” and 2” for even more design possibilities.

4. Metro Subway Tiles:

Wall tile that exemplifies classic style with clean lines and neutral shades. Simple, elegant, and appropriate for the period or contemporary home. Metro series is the perfect design complement, whether combined with glass, stone or ceramic tiles.

5. Craftsman Subway Tiles:

Echoing the tradition of the Arts and Crafts Movement in California, the Craftsman Series embodies the aesthetic traditions of this style. Inspired by the South-land deserts, the Pacific coastline, the Central Valley, and the mountainous north, the indigenous earthen materials are revealed in the handcrafted nature of the colors and decorative feature strips. The intentional variation of color, size and surface texture follow in the clay-tile tradition of the Arts and Crafts Movement.


  • Suede (Beige)
  • Willow (Green)
  • Azure (Blue)
  • Raku (Brown)
  • Cypress (Dk. Green)
  • Mulberry
  • Oak

6. Spiral and Mosaic 

Dots in the Midnight with Midnight Dots Pattern can be replaced with Mushroom Dots to create a Midnight with Mushroom Dots pattern.

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