Out of all the parts of a home the roof is the most important ones. In fact, without a roof, a house will essentially become useless. Without proper care, roofs can become damaged quickly. And the longer you wait to repair them, the more chance there is that the roof might be damaged permanently.  To ensure that this does not happen, be sure to follow the below tips.

Roof Vents

Make sure that you check the roof vents on a regular basis. If the vent is made from metal, then look out for broken seams. And if the vent is made of plastic, then you need to watch out for cracked housings.  Whatever type it may be, any damaged vent has to be replaced immediately. And if there are nails missing from the vent’s vase, use screws which are rubber-washed. These screws remain in position for a long period of time and do not come loose like the nails.

Check for Dry Rot

Another thing to watch out for is dry rot, which is mostly caused due to a lack of proper ventilation. As a consequence, the roof will start sagging. This will eventually make the shingles to become brittle, and water leakages will start occurring through the roof.

Avoid Ice Build Up

During the winter reason, it is easy for ice to build up on the roof. And this can turn pretty bad for you since the excess weight of the ice can make the roof sink. Usually, ice will develop below the membrane of the roof, gutters, and shingles. So, be sure to watch out these areas. The problem can be solved by multiple means. First, use a drip edge to take out water from the roof. Secondly, you can install a rain shield on the roof to avoid such potential troubles in the future. Finally, ensure that your home has proper ventilation to limit ice buildup.

Find Cracks and Leaks

It is very important that you regularly check the roof for any cracks. No matter how small the crack is, you must immediately seal it off so as to avoid any potential water leakage in the future. If you are unable to identify a leak, then a good way to do so is by using a garden hose. Just spray water on top of the roof, and you should easily be able to identify which areas are leaking. However, if it is the winter season, then it is best to avoid using this method since spraying water on a roof during freezing cold temperatures is a very bad idea.

Clean the Gutters

Finally, make sure to check the gutters. When the gutters are clogged, whether by dirt, leaves, or other debris, the rainwater collected on the roof will not properly flow through the roof. Instead, water will build up, which will eventually leak through the roof. This is, in fact, one of the biggest reasons why roof leakages happen

If you are unable to do roof repair by yourself, then it is recommended that you hire a professional service and get the job done soon.